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Ready to start saving on energy?

Its an easy switch

Incentives available for residential solar energy systems include a federal tax credit of 30%, and Arizona state income tax credit worth $1,000 per residence. There is also a sales tax waiver for solar energy systems, so you pay no state sales tax on your system, significantly reducing the payback period.

Step 1


We offer over the phone, virtual or in-person consultations to discuss your options with converting your home to solar. Every consultation comes with a free solar report to show you your savings & energy production potential.

Step 2

Plans and Permits

Our expert team will ensure your solar panel system is designed for maximum energy production. We’ll draft and submit plans & permits to the city.

Step 3


We handle the ordering and delivery of all your parts, coordination with our trained installation team.

Step 4

Inspection and Activation

We make sure your installation is done perfectly and to the highest standards.
Once your system gets the green tag, your system gets turned on and you can sit back and begin experiencing the savings!

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